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Soul Survivors

Datum: 16.02.2024 - 21:00, Einlass: 16.02.2024 - 20:30

Soul Survivors is a new young band from Amsterdam with a free spirit and a wild heart. The group has immersed themselves in soul, rhythm & blues by mastering all the old soul songs they love. With a setlist full of soul gems, they quickly built up a reputation in the Dutch live circuit. Now they have just started to use this musical suitcase to write and record powerful songs of their own. These compositions are rooted in the classic soul of the 60s and 70s from Motown and Stax, but also have the modern neo soul vibe. The first two tracks are out now on 7” 45rpm vinyl. On side A the track ‘Our Thing’, featuring singer Remko Spaaij with his warm and rich voice on the neo-soul song he wrote. The band’s anthem ‘I’m a Soul Survivor’ on side B shows what the band stands for: set the audience on fire by making real music. The songs together with soon a third track ‘Tonight‘ are available on all streaming services and form the prelude to a full album next year. The band has the Rock Supplies in Amsterdam West as its headquarters. This is where guitarist Max de Kok and bassist Dimitri Gelens have a studio where the songs were recorded. It is a breeding ground where more top bands reside, such as funk band The Jig. The Soul Survivors horn section consists of the young trumpet player Dylan Morais and old hand Jeroen van Genuchten on tenor sax. Drummer Steve Cuiper and keyboard player Branco Spadon are talents who are ready for the big job. Soul Survivors gonna take you higher, higher, higher!

Vocal: Remko Spaaij
Guitar: Max de Kok
Keys – Branco Spadon
Bass: Dimitri Gelens
Saxophone: Jeroen van Genuchten
Trumpet: Abriel Ferreira
Drums: Steve Cuiper

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